Essential Fluids To Check in Your Vehicle

Six Essential Fluids To Check in Your Vehicle

There are countless benefits to properly maintaining your vehicle. In addition to preventing premature wear and tear, which can result in larger repair bills, proper maintenance improves your vehicle's performance and fuel economy, increases its lifespan and resale value, and reduces the risk of unexpected breakdowns. And if you're driving a newer vehicle that is still covered under warranty, performing the maintenance at the time or mileage interval (whichever comes first) is crucial to maintaining your vehicle's warranty.

At Jim Thompson Chrysler in Kington, Ontario, we want to help you maintain your vehicle so that you can enjoy it for years to come. We have compiled a list of six essential fluids to check regularly in your vehicle to keep it running like new.

  • Engine Oil

Engine oil protects your engine by lubricating the moving components, preventing friction and wear. The oil also regulates the temperature and traps contaminants that would otherwise harm the internal components.

Driving with low or dirty oil causes additional strain on the engine, reducing its performance and lifespan. Your vehicle's oil (and filter) should be changed regularly per the maintenance schedule for your vehicle and the driving you do. Generally, it is recommended to change your oil at least twice a year.

  • Brake Fluid

Brake fluid is used in hydraulic braking systems, which are meant to convert the pressure used when your foot is on the brake pedal into force on your vehicle's brakes, making it much easier to stop the vehicle than it used to be. Your vehicle's brake fluid should be inspected every month or so and replaced as required (usually every few years).

  • Transmission Fluid

Your transmission requires fluid to lubricate the bearings and other moving parts within the transmission. Transmission fluid helps reduce the strain switching gears causes on certain internal components and helps with functions like the torque convertor and valve body operation, brake band friction, and transmission temperature. To help improve performance and extend the life of your transmission, we recommend regularly inspecting your transmission fluid and changing it every 50,000 kilometres or every two years.

  • Coolant (Antifreeze)

The coolant absorbs heat from the engine and radiator, which regulates the engine temperature, which is crucial for proper vehicle performance. Over time, coolant can become contaminated and cause oxidation or corrosion. Regular inspections of the coolant will help prevent unexpected repairs, and at Jim Thompson Chrysler, we recommend a complete coolant flush every four to five years.

  • Power Steering Fluid

Power steering fluid creates a link between the steering wheels and the front wheels of your vehicle, making it easier to navigate your vehicle. It also lubricates the moving components within the steering system. The power steering fluid should be inspected during your regular maintenance and replaced when required or per your vehicle's maintenance schedule, typically around the 50,000-kilometre mark.

  • Windshield Washer Fluid

The good news is that your windshield washer fluid doesn't need to be replaced. It only ever needs to be replenished. And realizing you have none when you need it the most is dangerous. It is a good idea to check your windshield washer fluid regularly and top it up when it gets low.

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