Chrysler Advantage Plan FAQS

What is the Benefit to Using the CAP Rather Than Buying at Retail Price?

The Chrysler Advantage Plan is not retail, so unless a dealership is offering special manufacturer incentives, you will not find a lower price on a new Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep or Ram vehicle. The prices for vehicles purchased through the Advantage Plan are set by Chrysler, and are the same for each dealer, which in many cases is lower than the National Advertised Price, or the Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price.

Is This Offer Available in Combination with Current Consumer Incentives?

Yes, in most cases the Advantage Plan discount pricing also applies to other finance packages, such as extended warranties, car accessories and protection products. Check with your retailer for complete details!

How Many Vehicles can I and/or my spouse purchase/lease a year?

Qualifying participants may purchase one (1) vehicle per calendar year through this program.

Can I Finance, Lease or Pay Cash on this Program?
There are no conditions to method of payment arrangements when using the Chrysler Advantage Plan. Finance, lease, or pay cash - your payment arrangement is completely your choice!

Can I Purchase a Used Vehicle with the Chrysler Advantage Plan?
The Chrysler Advantage Plan is only for New Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, or Ram vehicles.

Is This Fleet, and Will I Have to Claim This as a Taxable Benefit?
No. Chrysler extends this offer to affiliates of Chrysler. It is not a taxable benefit unless the company that you work for gives you money to purchase a vehicle. That money is then taxable.

How Long is a Control Number Valid?
Control numbers are valid from date of issue through January 2nd, 2019.

Are There any Other Fees I Should Know About?
An administration fee may be applied.

What do I Need to Provide to the Retailer to Receive the Preferred Price?
Your unique Control Number Certificate (signed) and proof of eligibility, such as your company photo ID badge, a recent, original pay stub, or a letter from your employer/organization.