Reasons To Change Your Engine Air Filter

Jim Thompson Service Tips - Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Kingston, ON - When to change your Air Filter.

The engine in your car relies on to run properly.

Every time you accelerate, your vehicle draws air into the engine, that passes through the Engine Air Filter. This plays a vital role in your vehicle's performance. A clogged filter steals your car of power, power you need every ounce of especially when you're in driving on the highway. More importantly it also effects fuel economy. Replacing your filter usually takes no more than ten minutes and usually costs less than $20.

The Engine Air Filter protects your engine by removing debris, dust, pollen, mold and dirt from the air before it passes through your engine.

Dirty Engine Air Filters Could Lead to:

Reduced fuel efficiency

Poor Acceleration when you need it

Reduced engine performance

Changing your Engine Air Filter is an economical way to assist your engine in functioning at it's optimum levels.

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