Your Cooling System

Jim Thompson Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Kingston, ON - When to service your Cooling System

One of the most common mechanical breakdowns is an overheated car. The Engine Cooling System controls the heat generated by your engine. There are thousands of controlled explosions per minute, when the spark plugs inside the engine ignite the fuel to move the vehicle down the road, there is a tremendous amount of heat generated.

If not properly controlled by the cooling system, cause serious damage to your engine components, that include: blown gaskets and warping of aluminum heads, which will lead to ENGINE FAILURE.

A Cooling System Service can prevent overheating, one of the major causes of mechanical breakdowns.

The service will consist of:

  • Thorough pressure test and check for leaks
  • Complete inspection of hoses, radiator and cap
  • Drain old coolant from system and refill with manufacturer approved coolant

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